Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kevin Garnett Is Freakin' Insane

The only thing interesting about the Celtics-Hawks series is watching Kevin Garnett's expression of intensity.

In game one, Leon Powe dunks over a couple of Hawks in traffic, after the game is already well in hand for the Celtics. After the dunk, Powe goes to the ground. KG runs over to him, and stands over him, yelling in his face, and punching him in the chest four or five times. After Powe gets up, KG slaps him on the back of the head. Powe looks confused.

In game two, with the game already well in hand for the Celtics (I predicted they won't win a game by less than 10, and that's looking good so far) KG gets a rebound in traffic and then gets fouled. He then proceeds to start yelling to, well, no one in particular, and he pulls his jersey down to show where his heart is. Then he punches himself in the chest a bunch of times, hard enough that it probably would leave a bruise.

The way it looks right now, KG will either win the title or commit an on-court homicide. Or both.



I am pulling for the homocide, and I am hoping that comes in the Eastern conference finals and that the victim is Rasheed.

Fun Times said...

I heart KG.

i'm a raptor fan, and i wish chris bosh had KG's will to win and intensity. and of course his constant yelling on defense, because defense wins you games when offense isn't clicking. i watched that game, and the offense for the C's definitely wasn't clicking, yet they won by 19!

and we all know the raptors can't play D!