Monday, January 11, 2010

Here Come The Warm Jets: Playoffs (!) 2009

I was in Cancun for a wedding this past Wednesday through Sunday.

Was I going to try and find a way to watch the Jets-Bengals playoff game on Saturday? You know I was.

Did I find it? I did, at a bar in the resort I was staying at. They showed it on a large projection screen, and only the commercials were in Spanish (though I think I'd rather have heard the game in Spanish than having to listen to Gibbs and Theismann.)

Did I feel guilty about watching football while in the tropics? Nope. Especially because it rained in Cancun on Saturday. A perfect excuse to sit inside drinking beers with lime in it and taking celebratory shots of tequila.

Was this the type of game we were hoping the Jets would consistently play all year? Yes, yes it was. Run the ball effectively. Just enough good play out of the QB. No turnovers. Stifling defense. Solid special teams.

Are we Jets fans feeling good about our team? You better believe it. Love the way they're playing now, and love what it means for the next couple of years, what with all the young players and the favorable system that Rex Ryan brings. There's no reason besides bad luck with injuries that the defense and run game won't continue to be good.

Can they beat the Chargers? Sure. It's not a terrible matchup for the Jets. The Chargers can't run the ball and don't have a particularly great defense. If the pass rush gets to Rivers and the offense doesn't turn it over, it's a winnable game.

Are we being set up for a horrible letdown? Of course we are. This is still the Jets. We'll talk ourselves into being able to beat the Chargers. Then we'll go out and lose 42-10.

Does that matter? Not really. This is about as good an end to the year as we can hope for. In fact, getting blown out of the playoffs might be a good thing for the team - more motivation and less overconfidence going into next year.

Will I remember that during the inevitable letdown so I won't be cursing and yelling and saying things most vile? What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

knowing that the Jets are playing while the Pats and Giants are home watching makes this year a complete success. If things work out and the Jets end up hosting an AFC Championship game then all is forgiven. Next year might be the first time in a long time the Jets will start the year as favorites in the AFC East...Just hope Ryan dosn't have a heart attach before then.

-Anonymous Jets Fan